Aquatic Retailers

Aquarium Oddballs

Aquarium Oddballs is a great little store and online retailer run by a friend of mine, Scott. Their quality products and amazing customer service brings me back everytime. If you need something he doesn't have, he'll do everything he can to get it, and will usually give you the best price.

Fellow Aquarist

Aquarium poetry is the blog of aquarist Dusko Bojic. Dusko's blog features a number of informative and top quality articles, photos, and journals of his own tanks.


Fish4Life is a blog by a fellow aquarist who goes by the screen name, LR. The site is full of great articles on various topics in the aquatic hobby.


The IBC Species Maintenance Program is a resource center dedicated to the research of all betta species. Their website is filled with tons of wonderful and informative articles on Bettas.

Aquarium Clubs

The Oklahoma Aquarium Association is a great aquarium club to be a part of, with a knowledgable group of members its easy for find the answer you are looking for. Their active only forum is a great place to chat, sell, buy, or trade, and ask questions.